I Was Once Taught To Think Like a Plant. The Man Telling Me to Think Like a Plant Was a Market Gardener With Decades Of Experience. He Could Walk Into My Greenhouses And Tell Me I’d Overwatered On Monday Or Didn’t Ventilate Enough On Friday. He Did It By “Reading The Plants And “Thinking” Like Them”.

Percy, my neighbour could look at a plant and tell from the way it held its leaves, the colour of its leaves or the way the flowers were opening exactly how the plant was behaving and why. Like some people can read people, Percy could read plants. Of Course I Wasn’t A Plant So Had To Use May Imagination.  But Eventually I Started To Understand and Think Like My Plants. When I Did I Became A Better Plant Grower.  Another man that understands plants is David Attenborough. In this short video he talks about how plants behave in various situations such as growing and surviving on a harsh brick wall. It’s an environment that gives no quarter. There is no soil and the plants seeds could soon be blown away. But the plant overcomes that in a most spectacular way. I’m not suggesting you try to grow plants on a brick wall. But if you can start to think about the conditions that plants need and how they behave you will grow better flowers, fruit and veg.  

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