Soil Carbon, Organic Matter & Nitrogen Balance

Adding Soil Carbon, via Organic Matter, to Soil Improves Drought and Flood Resilience, Crop Yields And the Climate, Due To Carbon Increase, As Research At Rothamsted Research Demonstrates.   Research at the world famous Rothamsted Research station in Hertfordshire has clearly demonstrated the value of adding organic matter, (compost, farmyard manure, spent mushroom compost etc) to soils.… More Leave a comment

Plant Modules & Plugs: Advantages & Disadvantages

Choosing a Plant Module System Offers Many Advantages When You Are Sowing & Growing Garden Plants. Sometimes Referred to As Plug Plants or Plant Module Grown Plants, They Save Gardeners Time, Space, Compost & Money. Plant module systems are plant trays where you can grow plants in individual cells; they’re usually made of plastic, polystyrene or recycled plastic and come in various sizes and quality.… More Leave a comment