Vegetable Sculptures aka Food Sculpture, Edible Art, Food Carving etc Is An Exquisite Art Often Used With Thai Food. Learn How Here.

But it’s not restricted to Thai Cuisine and the most basic forms, often called Food Styling, can be used to make any dish look better, in any cuisine. Here’s my take on Fruit & Vegetable Sculptures.

Watch the videos at the end of this post to discover how to create your own edible art.

Fruit And Vegetable Sculptures can be used to make exquisite butterfly food sculptures

This exquisitely carved butterfly is made from a carrot. Theres little waste as all the carrot thats left over can go into the recipe being prepared and join many others on the menu. I love the way the wings have holes through them and are shaped to give a wavy edge to the wing. The attenae rally make it for me.

Next we have a very simple basic flower made from a carrot. It looks complex but a skilled food artist can carve these in moments. The petals are delicate and look exotic with long pointed ends.

a beautiful Vegetable Sculpture of a flower made from a carrot

This one uses a combination of two veg to produce a white flower with an orange calyx. It looked stunning on the plate. I’m not sure hat the white centre was made of even though I tasted it. It wasn’t a common veg or I would have recognised it. So I guess it was something slightly more exotic than I grow at home.

Vegetable Sculpture using two vegetable species to produce a sculptured flower

The final photo was taken on an US aircraft carrier where they made crenelated oranges with a tomato centre. We often see this type of basic food carving at receptions with everything from oranges to radish being carved. It was especially popular in the 60-70s!

Vegetable Sculpture can be expanded into the use of fruit to create food sculptures.

What Fruit And Vegetables Can Be Carved?

This video shows watermelon being carved. And it works well because the colours add so much to the visual appearance. Other fruit that are often used include melons, citrus fruits such as oranges, apples, bananas etc. Even onions are capable of being used to produce food art, as one of these videos shows.

More Fruit And Vegetable Sculptures

Now some fruit decoration examples, making everything from vegetable sculptures of animals and birds to vehicles.


Here are 5 excellent salad decoration ideas any of us can manage.


Purple Lotus Flowers from an onion.

Vegetable sculpture is very different to conventional sculpture but is something we can all do in our kitchens.

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