Time Lapse Photography Is Often Thought To Be a Modern Innovation. But This 1943 Onion Growing Video Is Superb. Not Only Is It Filmed So Well But It Succinctly Shows The Two Year Life Cycle Of An Onion in Just Ten Minutes.

I’ll not reveal all the secrets of this 1943 onion film, entitled The Life History of the Onion, but I can tell you it is one of the best films/videos I’ve seen about onions and how they grow.

It covers the germination of the seed right through to the flowering, pollination and seed production two years later. It’s botanically accurate and is well narrated.

All I can say is Wowww what superb photography … and all on black and white film rather than digital.

The original film is was produced in 1943 by the British Council and would have been an important part of the war effort.

Cliff Plat Farming & Onion Growing

Onion flower showing six stamens from the 1943 time lapse film.

Onions were a popular crop on the market garden plats at Branscombe and Weston. Films like this one from the British Council would have been an essential part of the war effort and taught many new people how to garden efficiently and wisely.

With no TV in homes, films like this one would have been shown in villager halls, and in cinemas, in a bid to education people and help feed them!

There will be more articles on onion growing and the plats very soon.

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