Plants All Bear a Latin Binomial Name, E.g. Digitalis purpurea, As This Removes Confusion Caused By Local And National Names. But Sometimes Plant Names Change. This is Why.

The Latin Binomial Name system is confusing to most gardeners. They want to call a foxglove a foxglove rather than Digitalis purpurea, which is what the “experts want to call it. I understand the issue. The problem is what happens when you ere talking to friends from other countries and they say Fingerhut, gant de notre dame or fairy thimbles. That is equally as confusing.

But more confusing is the way Latin names also sometimes change! That one often confuses me.

Latin Binomial Name Explanatory Videos

In these two videos Chris Metherall, speaking to the The Wild Flower Society membership, explains the why’s and wherefores of taxonomy and nomenclature.

Even those words will, understandably, confuse some people. But don’t worry, though this might be interesting to some people, it’s not vital if all you want to do is grow a foxglove (or should that be D. purpurea?) or a row of peas.

Video 1
Video 2

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