There’s Plenty of Seeds That We Can Sow In November, Despite The Colder, Wetter Weather and Much Less Daylight. Here’s My Suggested List For November Sowing.

Let’s start with my November Pea and Beans Favourites to Sow in November.

Broad beans

Broad beans such as ‘Aquadulce Claudia’ can be direct sown in the garden soil in November. Alternatively sow them in modules or pots for transplanting later.


What To Sow In October: Mangetout of course.
What To Sow this month: Mangetout of course

Sow peas such as ‘Meteor’ outdoors for an early crop next year. Or try Alderman or Mangetout for pea shoots. With shoots you can have a crop very quickly if you do them in containers in the greenhouse.

Spring onion

Sowing spring or salad onions now for an early spring crop is fine. The very early crops are sometimes harvested when small and are referred to in the trade as bootlaces. But they grow fast as the weather warms up.

My favourite variety is White Lisbon but you might also like to try ‘Performer’. Both are available from most seed houses.

Pak choi

Best grown under cloches outdoors. But they do well in greenhouses or cold frames as well.



You can plant garlic cloves in modules in a cold frame or cold greenhouse in November. Or if you live in a mild area, plant in their final positions outdoors. You do need good free-draining soil and low rainfall for this to be successful most years.


Sowing in November For The Greenhouse or Indoors


Sown now mizuna can be cropping in a few months. Salad leaves for the new year  


Mibuna can be grown exactly the same as mizuna. The flavour is a little different but both are frost hardy.


Spinach is another frost hardy crop that grows well in an unheated greenhouse.

I love it in Indian dishes.  Saag aloo is my favourite. 


Lettuce sown now will mature in a cold greenhouse in early April (in southern England).  But if frosted when they have formed a heart and they will be severely damaged and will die. In essence heart leaves are soft, whereas those outside the heart are much less likely to be damaged.  

So to harvest a crop we need to harvest leaves during the winter. Just remove a few lower leaves from each plant every few weeks. Or grow a cut and come again crop.

Winter varieties are best sown now as they are hardier. Eg Winter density, Arctic King, Valian, Valdor, etc.


Baby Kale  

Kale grows well in 50l containers in my greenhouse are regularly cropped.


Chinese Cabbage

Some crops do better in cooler weather rather than hot summer weather. Chinese cabbage is such a crop.  Sow now for winter and spring harvests.  


I love the peppery flavour and it gives an inner warmth in cold weather! 


Pots of herbs sown in a heated greenhouse or on a bright windowsill indoors soon germinate. And many need little heat to get going.

Why not try Coriander, Basil, Parsley, Chives or Dill for starters


Salad leaves to Sow in November – A Reminder

Salad leaves such as lettuce, land cress, lambs lettuce, mizuna, spinach, Chinese Cabbage and mustard are ideal for sowing in the greenhouse or cold frame in November. See out How to Grow Winter Salads article.



I see several people suggesting we sow chilis in November. And it makes me ask several questions. Firstly why bother? You would, of course, get an earlier crop, but you have to keep them indoors or a heated greenhouse and they get quite big as they grow. OK they could fit a large windowsill, so its possible.

But why limit it to chilis? They are the same family as peppers and no one seems to suggest them. All the reasons to grow early chilis seem to match the reasons to grow early peppers. 

Of course, peppers and chillis are perennials. So you could have overwintered a plant from last year if you wanted really early peppers or chilis.  

And if you do this with papers why not start really early tomatoes? 

Personally, I’ll leave all the Solanaceae family until next year. 


What will you Sow in November?



That’s all for What to Sow in November for now.

Come back each month for an update on what to sow each month.


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