Fungi: Time Lapse Fungi Videos Aren’t Made Outdoors, They Are Made In Studios Where They Are More Photogenic, There’s No Wind Or Insects. It’s Cheating But In a Good Way. And They Use Computers To Do The Heavy Lifting!

Time Lapse Fungi Videos, made by film makers such as Louie Schwartzberg are fascinating and make great TV. But they also contribute to science and to gardening. Because of them we now understand more about how fungi work within the soil and with our plants to mutual benefit.  Louie has pioneered time lapse fungi video filming for over 40 years. You may have seen some of his work  on Netflix ‘s 2019 fungi epic Fantastic Fungi video where days of growth are compressed into seconds of fungal delight, colour and magic.  Id love too hear how you think this video compares with the 1942 time lapse film on onions I recently posted. I know it’s a different subject, but what about the technologies used?

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