This morning I had an email from Nicolas who is a volunteer at .

Nicolas wrote that pupils had been “discussing gardening and horticulture when we came across your website while looking for resources. We wanted to say thank you!“

Nicolas continued, “Would you please add a link to it to your web page for them, even if it is just for a little while? I want to show the increasingly large group of students that they can accomplish things if they aren’t afraid to come out of their shells and simply ask“.

For technical reasons I couldn’t add a link to the page they requested but I have linked to the home schooling homepage.

It’s great when people find the website is useful and I fully endorse the idea that we can accomplish things if we aren’t afraid to try.  Success can never be guaranteed, but if you don’t try you’ll never succeed. When I started this website no one had heard of it and few visited to begin with.  But I kept trying and success came .

In the last year we’ve had visitors from every country on the globe bar two.  If I can do that think what you can achieve.

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