Satnav For Parks & Gardens Identifies Trees, Plants & Features and Adds Value To Any Park, Landscape or Garden Visit.

Many visitors to parks, gardens and nature reserves are frustrated when plant labels and other information is obscured or missing. Satnav For Parks & Gardens solves the problem in real time and can display plant names, written information, audio, video and links via an interactive map on their mobile phone or tablet. 

Plant ID mapping acts like a pedestrian satnav where plant locations can be accurate to within a metre.

Like a satnav, as the visitor moves through the landscape, the map moves with them revealing new plants as they walk. 

Where a distant plant is sought the system will even give directions to the chosen plant’s location.

No apps are needed. Users just need to log into your website , on a mobile phone or tablet, and follow the Satnav For Parks & Gardens map that covers your location.

The system is scalable from one to thousands of plants and the information displayed is entirely up to you. Information can be updated seasonally if required and individual items or locations amended in minutes.

Sat Nav For Parks & Gardens – A Practice Demo

Here is how the SatNav For Parks and Gardens works.

The user opens their phone or tablet and opens the map on your website.

In the example below, taken from the Sidmouth Arboretum website, there are hundreds of trees listed and its easy to scroll to your exact location to see the trees in our immediate vicinity

In this case I’m stood in front of the War Memorial at Sidmouth church and can see there trees both on the map and right there in front of me. The species is visible on the map and it’s clear which is which.

And if I want more information about a particular tree its easy to access as the next image will show.

Each tree has a clickable link that brings up a new screen that details that specific plant. In the image below it is of a Northern Red Oak, Quercus rubra, that is located on the Lawn area of the Byes.

The screen can contain as much or as little info as you want. This one has plant name and description, location and a link to the iNaturalist website for more info. The link isn’t essential, but if included it can go to any website in the world. It could even go to an audio file or a video. And if you want all three to be linked that is also possible. The possibilities are huge. Tell us what you want and we’ll look for a way to do it!

How To Amend SatNav Display Screens In Real Time

Once the system is set up it is easy for you to amend the information on any screen at the touch of a button. Add, delete or amend the trees or plants, change the description or add/amend links to video or audio files. We show you how to do this so you can amend the maps in real time without even opening the website or needing any techie skills.

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