It Sounds A Bit Like a Star Trek Inspired Story But Australian Researchers Have Found A Bacteria That Converts Hydrogen Into Electricity. Gardening For Electricity Anyone?

Researchers at Monash University in Australia were aware that some bacteria survived very high temperatures around deep water ocean vents and that they fed off of hydrogen gas. So they conducted research and found a soil bacteria, Mycobacterium smegmatis, that seemed to perform miracles. It certainly is a Strange Soil Bacteria.

From this soil-dwelling bacteria, they isolated an enzyme that could be a good component of fuel cells. It seems a bacteria could in future fuel or cars by pulling energy right out of thin area. Yep, it sounds like Start Trek.

It’s strange, but in this case true.

More on Strange Soil Bacteria From Monash University

“We’ve known for some time that bacteria can use the trace hydrogen in the air as a source of energy to help them grow and survive, including in Antarctic soils, volcanic craters, and the deep ocean,”

Professor Chris Greening, from the Monash University Biomedicine Discovery Institute.

Strange Soil Bacteria Timescales

It’s going to take time as so far the amount of energy being released by the process is very low. But given time to scale up the process perhaps we’ll be seeing bacteria powered cars in future. I know it sounds far fetched today, but think about how we have harnessed yeasts to produce alcoholic drinks, from wine to beer, as well as making bread. And products such as Marmite are made from yeasts. So why not produce electricity from bacteria?

There’s more on the process via this link. In th emeantime it’s time to think again about the biodiversity of soils and how they not only contribute to plant health, but how they might one day power cars and perhaps much more.

There’s more on soil fungi and bacteria here.

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