The Good News Is We Now Get 20,000+ People On The Website Each Month.

The Bad News Is The Cost Of Hosting This Website Has Skyrocketed.

The Problem As I See It

BiteSizedGardening started as a lockdown project to help people grow fruit, veg and other plants in their gardens and allotments. I know from the numbers visiting the Facebook Groups and website its been popular. And your comments, suggestions and help have been great. Together we have created a great gardening community.

But with rising costs I’ve had to look at how to pay for the website. Advertising is the obvious answer. But do you really want a website full of adverts? I don’t. It’ll soon look spammy and no one likes a spammy clickbait website.

So advertising is definitely out.

Sponsorship was another possibility but I want an unbiased site. I want to be able to say it as it is without upsetting a sponsor! So sponsorship is another definite no.

The same for making the website and Facebook Groups available to paid members only. the idea was always to provide free advice to those that need help in the garden, to help people cope with the mental and physical challenges life has dealt us in recent years.  So I desperately want to keep everything free.

The Solution I’ve Found

The obvious answer is not to charge to read my advice, hints and tips. It’s not to run adverts like a rash over the website and its not to have a sponsor trying to influence what I write about (I prefer readers to let me know what the want me o write about).

So I’ve decided that the cost of running the website and all the associated costs can be covered by asking the good gardeners of this world to buy me a pack of seeds. 

Well, a notional pack of seeds anyway.

So I’ve added a button on the site that allows people to Buy Me Some Seed.

If you value the advice I give or have enjoyed my articles and posts you can now click the button below or click on the link and go to a page where you can Buy Me Some Seeds.

It certainly isn’t obligatory. There’s no pressure. You can still receive free tips and advice from me. But the small gesture of Buying Me Some Seeds will offset the increasing cost of running the website and groups.

Your support will keep the website advert and sponsor free.

Thank you.

Buy Me Some Seeds

PS If you prefer to donate via PayPal there’s an option for that as well.



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