As A Break From Seed Catalogues, Digging Veg and Waiting For Spring, Take Part in This New Year Botanical Plant Hunt. It Starts On December 30th When You Might Need a Walk Following Christmas.

I love a New Year Botanical Plant Hunt. It gets me out of the kitchen and into nature. It’s a chance to blow away cobwebs and see nature at its best. Perhaps with a a little frost underfoot, but more likely a little rain underfoot where I live.

The great thing is that we don’t need to be wild flower experts as, when you register, there are online guides provided. And we can record what we see online by phone app.

It could be as simple as a daisy, dandelion, yarrow or groundsel, which makes it easy for children and adults to take part.

Alongside it I often take part in a bird survey of my favourite places. This year I’ll be checking out our food forest for both flowering plants and birds. Though the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch doesn’t officially start until January 26-28th.

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To join the How to Dig For Victory Facebook group follow the link.

And here is the link to UK Garden Flowers, Trees, Shrubs & More

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