Bitesized Gardening Focuses On How To Grow Nutritious Fruit & Veg in Gardens & Allotments. From Common & Unusual Vegetables To Specialist Ethnic & Asian Crops

What to grow in the U.K. Assorted salads and fruit are possibilities
What to grow in the U.K. Assorted salads and fruit are possibilities

That Can Be Grown In The U.K. In Beds, Polytunnels Or Greenhouses. There’s Also A Focus On Garden Flowers, Trees & Shrubs Plus Garden Design.

Hi, I’m Stefan, a retired commercial market gardener and college horticultural lecturer, willing to share a lifetime of professional and amateur gardening experience about How to Grow Fruit & Veg.

I’m now very much an amateur gardener with a tiny greenhouse and small garden. So my everyday experience is now probably very similar to yours. But when I grew commercially I focused on producing half a million lettuce a year. We also grew tens of tons of tomatoes, cucumber, celery, peppers, chillis and a wide range of unusual and ethnic crops for my local Asian community.

Regular Updates

I try to add at least three new posts or updates to the site every week. They range from crops to grow and growing techniques to resources and even the “science bit”.

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