Regenerative Farming Has Evolved From Traditional Farming & Embraces More Natural Processes, Such As Carbon Capture, To Grow Our Food. It’s Not Yet Perfect But Gets Better As Research Teaches Us More.

As a consumer with environmental concerns plus farming and horticultural experience I know many people believe all farmers are evil and money grabbing. I know many believe they rely far too much on fossil fuels, pesticides etc. But many farmers, especially younger farmers, are planet aware and are making changes. It’s not happening overnight, but can any of us claim to have done all we can?

What is good is that it is happening and that farmers can be recompensed where they make the effort to farm carbon.

The other good thing is that the principles they are adopting can be used in gardens and allotments.

The following videos can teach gardeners a lot about how to grow fruit and veg at home or in allotments.

They show how soils that are minimally disturbed are more biodiverse, with worms etc, and that the soils are able to maintain healthier crops.

I ”farm” my garden in a similar way by using No Dig. But any technique that follows those being used in these videos will help carbon capture and improve the soil.

Carbon Capture in the sea.

What are you doing to improve your soil and the planet?

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Image Attribution: Jean-Baptiste RainaCC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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