As much as I’m no longer in favour of ploughing we could produce more food in this country if we grew more crops. The problem is however that crops need harvesting and we no longer have the labour to harvest crops.

It wasn’t wartime farming I spent years on the land and know how physically hard it is to harvest vegetable crops on the scale needed to run a business or feed a nation. So I can see the sense of growing combinable crops such as cereals, peas, field beans etc. But we do need green plants in our menu as well. We can’t live on cereals alone.

So, if ploughing isn’t the preferred method, what is? No dig is one possible answer on a small scale with sustainable agricultural practices on a larger scale.

Wartime Farming Video

This video is highly scripted in its 1940s style but there are some gems in it. Which ones can you spot?

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