Wartime Kitchen Gardener Part 4 Takes Us Into The Use Of Kitchen Waste For Raising Pigs & Other Animals .. And A Lot More.

Then it goes into wartime recipes that are a million miles from today’s supermarkets. From beetroot sandwiches and the invasion of Russia to pest and diseases in the garden. Potato blight was a problem and the mix they used is shown .. I don’t advocate it today! And as pointed out there was no health and safety as today. Again, I don’t advocate it.

Then there are recipes from famous people .. Agatha Christie’s “Mystery Potatoes” is featured. It contains anchovies and cream. There was no fromage fraise or yoghurt/

Potato clamping comes next. A layer of spuds, covered with straw and soil with a drainpipe chimney for air.

Hayboxes were used extend cooking without the cost of fuel. This one might catch on now fuel is so expensive. Insulation contains the heat and the food cooked overnight. It was considered an excellent way to cook poor quality meat ….. and to have porridge ready for breakfast on cold mornings.

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