What Are Your Most Useful Garden Tools? Some Are Common Gardening Tools With A Twist, Others Are Unusual Garden Tools. Can You Guess Their Purpose?

Here are some well used garden tools and their uses, plus their pictures. But do you recognise them? In fact can you guess what number one is used for?

Useful Garden Tools: Number One

Useful Garden Tools, But What Is It?

Here’s tool number one. It’s one I’m building for special garden purpose. It’s being built from recycled contiboard and underfloor heating pipes, but is not quite finished yet. The pipes need straightening and securing, then it’s ready for use.

Can you guess what it will be used for?

Useful Garden Tools: Number Two

These might look like a standard garden spades. And the one on the right is. But the one on the left had been modified.

OK, so I know I’m in favour of No Dig, but I still need a spade to dig in posts, plants large trees etc. The thing is my back isn’t as good as it was when I had my market garden … age and growing lettuce takes its toll. So I use an extra long handle in my spade. It means less bending and that when I’m digging deep holes I don’t have to bend much.

Useful Garden Tool: Number Three

Useful Garden Tools a foot rest

When our house was built they understood gardening and included a sloped area of both sides of the door. They are ideal for putting your boots on when wanting to tie them. Clearly they understood aching backs!

Useful Garden Tool: Number Four

Here’s another tool for aching backs .. or to prevent them.

Useful Garden Tools a long handled dibber

Alongside the ordinary dibber is a long handled version that saves so much bending. It’s a winner in my garden. Dibbers are great for planting module raised plants such as lettuce, brassicas, beet and leaf crops.

What other useful or unusual garden tools should I add to this list?

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