This Easy To Use Raised Bed Compost Calculator Calculates The Cubic Metres of Compost Required To Fill A Raised Bed. Just Insert Length, Width & Depth & Read The Answer.

Use the Raised Bed Compost Calculator to get the compost volume and then to calculate the answer in bags of compost, just divide the metric measurement by the number of litres in the bag. Bag sizes are normally printed on the bag and vary between 40-80 litres.  

Cones, Spheres & Other Shapes.

Here’s an alternative calculator that enables you to insert other measurements. It can also be used to calculate the volume of cones, spheres and other shapes.

Volume Calculator

How to calculate raised bed compost volumes with this raised bed compost calculator

Raised beds needn’t be totally filled with expensive compost. Other options exist. For example you could follow Hugelkultur techniques and put wood or other organic matter in the bottom. This fills out the bed and helps retain moisture.  

Another option, the easiest for many of us, is to use home made compost in the bottom of the beds and top them with purchased compost. This significantly reduces the cost of filling the raised bed.

Alternatively, fill the bottom of deep beds with bales of straw and then top off with compost.  

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