In This Article I Want To Share Some Of The Hundreds Of Top Gardening Tips I’ve Learnt As A Gardener & Market Gardener. Which Are New To You and Which Do You Already Use?

The Internet abounds with gardening tips. Some are brilliant, some quite good and some just myths that get repeated without anyone doing a common sense check on them. I’ve written a lot about garden myths but here I am offering some well tried and tested Two Minute Top Gardening Tips .. with the emphasis on them being short and practical .. a maximum of a two minute read each.

In no particular order here are my Two Minute Top Gardening Tips

Quick Hose Pipe & Tap Connections

Connecting hoses to tips can be a faff. Slow, fiddly and difficult with jubilee clips or cheap breakable plastic connectors.

Commercially I never had time to waste on hose pipe connecting that wasn’t instant and easy. Time was money and neither could be wasted.

So my answer was the Geka Connector.

If you want to see more geek options, or even buy a Geka from Amazon click on the image.

Please note this is an affiliate link and I may earn a small commission to help offset the cost of running the website … BUT there is no additional charge to you!

Pinching Out Pepper Plants .. .Forget It!

Peppers don’t need pinching out to make them produce more. They naturally split at every branch. So one stem becomes two branches, each of these then split and become two more and so it goes on .. with no effort from the gardener.

In the photo below the main stem has split into two, and on the left hand branch the next split is already starting . And if you look very carefully each of those branches are already showing another split.

At each split a flower bud will grow. That means there is a potential for a huge amount of fruit. On a May planted crop I used to harvest 7lb of fruit by early September.

In the centre of the image you can see the new flower buds. In most cases, with peppers, there will be only one. In this case I have two.

The first fruit are called the King Fruit. I often pinch them out as they are often the hardest to pick due to a lack of space at the first split.

Non Rotting Tomato Twine

The best way to support tomatoes is from a string hanging from the roof trusses in a greenhouse or polytunnel. String is safer than canes than can poke you in the eye. Are far cheaper and much easier to use.

But people often complain that they rot and then deposit the crop on the floor!

My answer is easy. Use Tomato twine. It’s incredibly strong, has the breaking strength of 40-50 lbs and doesn’t rot.

It’s single use plastic I hear someone shout. Agreed it is plastic, but it lasts for ages, and can be reused several times.

I don’t suggest you use it a second year for heavy tomatoes .. just in case. But it can be used for lighter tying jobs around the garden or home. So, yes it is plastic but it is not single use .. it is reusable!

tomato twine, a rot proof idea that's a great two minute top gardening tip.
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