Greenhouse History: John Evelyn and the Revolutionary Greenhouse

Greenhouse history takes an intriguing turn with the notable contribution of John Evelyn, a figure often credited for his part in transforming horticulture. May Woods and Arete Swartz Warren, in their 1988 book “A History of Greenhouses, Orangeries and Conservatories,” shed light on Evelyn’s involvement in the evolution of the greenhouse, a role that is both pivotal and contextually intriguing.… More Leave a comment

Hot Weather Plant Care

In Excessively Hot Weather Plants & Gardeners Can Wilt.  Gardens, Conservatories, Greenhouses And Tunnels See Temperatures Soar, Pots Dry Out Very Quickly And Plants Can Soon Collapse. So What’s The Answer To Soaring Temperatures And Wilting Plants? In This Article I’m Going To Give My Answers Based On My Practical Experience, Initially As A Market Gardener And Later As An Amateur Gardener. … More Leave a comment