How To Cool A Greenhouse Or PolyTunnel

More Scorching Hot Days Are Forecast So Here’s How To Cool Greenhouses & Polytunnels? My Suggestions Based On Practical Commercial Experience. Plants need plenty of light, so shading greenhouses isn’t always the best plan. The problem is small greenhouses and polytunnels get far hotter than large ones, and most amateur greenhouses are relatively small compared with commercial ones.… More Leave a comment

Hot Weather Plant Care

In Excessively Hot Weather Plants & Gardeners Can Wilt.  Gardens, Conservatories, Greenhouses And Tunnels See Temperatures Soar, Pots Dry Out Very Quickly And Plants Can Soon Collapse. So What’s The Answer To Soaring Temperatures And Wilting Plants? In This Article I’m Going To Give My Answers Based On My Practical Experience, Initially As A Market Gardener And Later As An Amateur Gardener. … More Leave a comment