This Video Explores The 1962 Way Of Harvesting Farm Grown Potatoes In 1960s UK, Focusing On The Economic Benefits For The Farmer And The Entire Potato Growing Process.

Key Steps to Potato Success

Here is what the video claimed.

potato harvesting and cultivations
  • Land Preparation: The foundation of successful potato growing lies in proper ploughing and careful land preparation. This includes deep cultivation, levelling, and spring harrowing to achieve a fine soil structure.
  • Planting: Accurate row marking and planting with a Nuffield tractor’s extended wheels ensure even growth and adaptability for various planting conditions.
  • Nurtition and Cultivation: Fertiliser is applied alongside the potatoes to avoid contact and potential spoilage. Independent cultivation at intervals helps maintain equal depth ridging for optimal growth.
  • Disease Prevention: Regular spraying is essential to prevent potato blight. Farmers can rely on advisories from agricultural advisory services for timely warnings.
  • Modern Harvesting: The two-row harvester attached to the Nuffield tractor represents the modern approach to potato harvesting. It offers a labour-saving and efficient operation.
  • Economic Advantages: This potato harvester significantly increases output per worker and overall profitability,making it a valuable tool for managing larger potato crops.

Key Takeaways From the Potato Harvesting Video

  • Modern two-row harvesters significantly improve potato harvesting efficiency and output.
  • Proper land preparation is crucial for successful potato growth.
  • Accurate row marking and planting techniques ensure even growth and planting versatility.
  • Strategic fertilisation and cultivation methods maintain soil quality and prevent issues like spoilage.
  • Regular spraying guided by agricultural advisory services helps prevent potato blight.
  • Modern harvesting equipment leads to increased labour efficiency and profitability, especially for large-scale production.

New Findings

We’ve learnt a lot since then and don’t need to follow all these techniques in gardens and allotments.

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