This Mulch & No Dig Calculator is Perfect For Calculating How Much Compost You Need For No Dig & Flower Beds. It Works In Imperial Or Metric, You Choose What Suits You.

Knowing how much compost you’ll need to add to No Dig beds or to flower beds is easy to calculate using this mulching or compost requirements calculator. Just add your bed measurements or total square yards/metres, decide how deep you want to go and press the calculate button.

Compost Calculator: For Calculating How Much Compost You Need For No Dig & Flower Beds.

It’s that simple.

And to make life even easier the calculator also provides a screen that shows how bags that is. The answer is in 100 and 70 litre bags so if you can only buy 50 litre bags just double the 100 litre answer! That’s as complicated as it gets.

And to make it even more foolproof you can even put your area in metric and the mulch depth in inches …. you still get an accurate answer.

The only failing I see with this calculator is the fact that some of the display is written in American English .. but hey, I never promised you a perfect life!

Try the mulch & compost calculator and tell me how you get on in the comments section below.

Mulch & No Dig Calculator

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