During A Water Crisis It’s Good To Know How To Recycle Grey Water & Black Water. It’s Low Tech But Very Effective. Take Note Water Companies.

This video by Andrew Milison is a superb explanation of How To Recycle Grey Water & Black Water using plants. It takes much less space than many people think to recycle grey water and many gardeners could use these methods to clean their water AND grow beautiful plants in the process.

How To Recycle Grey Water & Black Water.

It’s so low tech, can use gravity to move the water if you’ve a gentle slope (or can pump the water a couple feet uphill to start). Used correctly it can increase biodiversity.

On a larger scale landowners can use willow as the main plant and I believe many water companies could utilise a similar system rather than dumping waste via Combined Sewer Overflows … at least in rural areas.

This video compliments those I’ve written on harvesting rainwater.

Though this video is made in America the basic concepts apply worldwide and it shows images of applications in various countries. It’s a good introductory video for European gardeners. It answers question I get asked about how to recycle grey water from washing machines, how to recycle grey water at home and how to recycle grey water from a new build uk and elsewhere.


I’m going to be adding more of Andrew’s video to this site in future, including those on permaculture, How Trees Bring Water, How to Fix a Broken Ecosystem, Chinampas of Mexico: Most Productive Agriculture EVER, How to HARVEST RAINWATER from your roof, and related topics.

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Images by Andrew Millison.
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