Don’t Do This At Home. How Commercial Growers Mechanise Harvest May Surprise You. This Video Partially Explains How Industrial Growing Has Become.

This is so different to the way I harvested crops when I first started in market gardening. Firstly my greenhouses and tunnels, though large, weren’t as big as these. And that’s important when crops are being mechanised. Space is needed for the machines. But space is great as it means a few beds a week are planted and there’s always a few to harvest. Here’s how Commercial Growers Mechanise Harvest.

With this type of machine harvesting takes little time and it’s a simple, low cost machine. Just a frame on wheels with a cutter bar at the front behind which is a conveyor. So few moving parts and can be powered by a small engine or electric. Simple.

It’s the sort of thing I could have built in my workshop in the winter!

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