The Way Commercial Compost Is Made Often Results In Poor Products. This Video Shows How It Should Be Done, So It’s Free Of Glass, Plastic, Wood Etc. And Feeds Your Soil & Plants.

I wish I could have found a good U.K. based video on How Compost Is Made. But I couldn’t so I’ve found an American one. My suggestion is that you skip the first section and go to 1 min 54 seconds which is where it really starts.

How Compost Gets Made

This family run composting farm shows how Compost Is Made the right way. It shows how, at scale, they get a 30:1 carbon nitrogen ration by mixing one earthmover buckets with six others.

They value aeration and show how, again with an earthmover, they repeatedly and slowly trickle the decomposing material from a bucket to add air to the mix. The heating process and temperature measurements are discussed and best of all it shows te screening process.

All material is screened with the big stuff taken out for recycling. But best of all their quality control stops rubbish coming in to begin with.

The downside of the operation are the mixes where they add sphagnum moss peat for some bagged products. I don’t like peat being added but I suppose it’s better than people using pure peat!

Ditto, I don’t like the use of plastic bags. But so far no one has come up with a viable alternative. It feels like two steps forward and one backwards. I suppose one foot forward is better than none though.
Making Compost At Home High Quality

Reflections On UK Compost

One of the biggest complaints about UK peat free compost oil that got contains all sorts of rubbish. As can be seen from the video it is easy to screen the product towards the end of the composting process. It is also easy to monitor what comes in at the beginning of the process.

Foreign objects such as glass, metal and plastics are actually not that difficult to remove if there is a will to do so.

As I’ve written elsewhere what we really need in the UK is a Compost Quality Standard or Regulation. If we have it it will be easy to get good products.

Home Made Compost

To make compost at home I suggest checking out my various posts on compost heaps and How To Source Organic Matter For Composting.

Here’s the Compost Farm Video

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