How Deep Do Trees Root? Do They Go Deep Seeking Water Or Are They Lazy Rooters? Watch This Video For Answers.

Look into any old textbook and it’s easy to see how schoolchildren understood that there was as much tree underground as above. The diagrams in school books showed a tree as a sort of dumbbell shape was nearly as much underground as above. The pictures show tree roots always penetrating deep into the soil.

Tree roots, the secret language of trees
Trees grow large roots. It’s in their nature! They don’t care about the shape of planting holes

The problem with this is it is a complete lie. Or at least totally untrue in many cases.

The truth is many trees have quite shallow roots that form a mat in the top foot or so of the soil, with very few roots going deep into the soil.

And if you don’t believe me watch the video on this news report filmed when Storm Babet hit Scotland earlier in 2023.

This strange video provides evidence of how deep trees actually root. The video shows what happens when a shallow root system meets strong winds. It’s almost as if the earth is breathing and shows the principle behind air spading.

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