Download The Weed Identification Chart and Weed Activities For Kids Here. 12 Weeds To Identify and Extra Activities Including Identifying, Collecting, Writing and More.

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Weed Identification pdf- GFK

Weed Identification Chart for Kids
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We’ve called this sheet a Weed Identification sheet, but weed is just a word for plants that are growing where we don’t want them.

For example, if you plant potatoes in your garden we call them potatoes. But if a potato grows in your lawn, or flower beds, we say it’s a weed.  Any plant that grows in the wrong place is a weed.

But weeds are often very beautiful. Some have beautiful flowers that attract bees and other useful insects (like the butterfly on the Buddleae above). Others have beautiful leaves or stems and look really good. 

We sometimes give weeds a name such as bindweed.

But there are several types of bindweed and, though they look similar, they are actually different. The most obvious difference is between the colours of the flowers, some are white flowered bindweeds and some are pink flowered bindweeds. When you become an expert at recognising weeds you’ll be able to give each type its correct name.

In this weed gallery we only have 12 common weeds. How many more weeds do you think there are? 

You can buy wildflower books or download weed identification charts to help identify weeds. 

Additional Activities – Gardening For Kids 

Identify some weeds and learn their names. 

Which weeds are most common in your garden, park or local countryside?

Draw or paint your favourite weeds. What colour are the flowers?

Pick or photograph some weeds and create your own weed gallery. Add their names so you don’t forget them.

Here are some gardening books for children

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