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  Fruit Identification Sheet- GFK pdf.      

Fruit Identification Sheet

Can you find these fruit in a garden or local shop? Tick the ones that you see, and write where you saw them.         (Images are on the above download)      Which is your favourite?   Fruit is good for us and we should try to eat some every day because it is full of goodness, fibre, minerals and vitamins.   Some fruit grow in this country but some needs warmer weather and grows best in warmer countries.  Inside most fruit you will find the seeds that can grow into a new plant. So the fruit is just like a packet in which the seeds live. Some fruit is very sweet, some is not so sweet, but just as delicious.   Some fruit is very juicy, and some fruit have very little juice. Some fruit are very fleshy and soft but others are less fleshy and are harder.  And some fruit have lots of seeds in them while others, such as cherries and plums, only have one seed which we sometimes call a stone.  Fruit can be eaten fresh, cooked, frozen or in drinks. Fruit can be picked and eaten fresh or we freeze it, can it or make jams from it.   

Additional activities for kids and adults

When next at the shops Identify some fruit and learn their names.  Which fruit do you think grow in this country and which ones prefer warmer countries to grow in? Choose four different fruit and have a picnic. Which ones will you choose? What do they taste like?  Make some orange juice. Parents cut an orange in half and let your children squeeze the juice into a cup. Now try using a plastic juicer and decide if that is easier or harder. Discuss other ways of getting juice from fruit.  The sorting game. Place lots of different vegetables on the table or floor and het children to sort them out by colour, shape or size. Go to a Farmers Market and look at the fruit. Ask the farmer or stall holder how they are grown.  Teach by growing. Look at fruit being grown in your garden and show your kids how they grow. And if you don’t have a garden grow a small fruit tree in a pot on a balcony or even a strawberry plant in a pot on a window sill.  Draw or paint your all the fruit you have seen. What colours are they? Pick or photograph some fruit and create your own fruit gallery. Add their names so you don’t forget them   Here are some Children’s Gardening Books

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