In The UK Much Peat Free Compost Is Poor Quality. However Over The Last Two Decades, The Idea Of Establishing An An International Standard For Compost & Promoting Quality Criteria Has Gradually Gained Momentum Across Europe & The USA.

Though some European countries now have good a Standard For Compost, in the United States, endeavours in this direction have been rather fragmented across the states. The sole existing quality guidelines tailored to compost are currently issued by certain agencies like state Departments of Transportation, which hold a stake in large-scale compost utilisation.

An International Standard For Compost

The following report delves into the historical evolution of compost recognition, mainly in the USA, with a particular focus on the emerging realisation of the necessity to differentiate compost from other recycled wastes and conventional fertilisers.

The report authors, and I, believe that the absence of such distinguishing characteristics could potentially impede compost sales. The report also scrutinises potential conflicts that might arise in the process of establishing new standards.

High Quality Compost Production

In America many Compost Farms work to very high standards, where they use clean feedstock and grade all compost as part of the process. See the video below.

More On The Standard For Compost & Related Matters

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One thought on “An International Standard For Compost

  1. Carl says:

    It may seem simplistic but the Ideal time to bring in a standard for compost was when they agreed the ban on peat. The argument being “We are baning peat in compost but to counter balance that problem we are also imposing a standard for peat free compost that should raise the quality of the alternative to peat”. Like I say maybe too simplistic especially when politics are involved

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