For Over A Decade I Grew Half A Million Lettuce A Year. This Australian Lettuce Farm Grows Lettuce Leaves, Mizuna, Tatsoi, Rocket & Other Salad Leaves For Salad Bags.

This isn’t the same as how I grew lettuce but, though on the other side of the world, there are many similarities.

All my lettuce were sold as heads of lettuce and not as leaves or bagged on on the farm. And of course I was on the other side of the world. But so much of this is familiar to me, especially the early morning starts. To get fresh produce to market its necessary to rise with the sun. And in summer in the UK that is early! Very early. In fact twilight, as opposed to sunrise, is about 4.15am where I live in mid June. So getting up at 3.30am to cut lettuce was a normal thing for me in June.

Like me they grow on a bed system. Though they sow seed whereas I planted modules.

Their irrigation is a bit different to mine. Their’s is a fixed pipe system with multiple irrigation heads. Mine has a single irrigation head that we fixed to a three wheeled frame that was pulled laong the beds and sprayed water as it travelled. It moved very slowly and took 8 hours to travel a 100m length of bed.

But the differences are just details. I’m essence we both know lettuce from the roots up.

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How To Grow Lettuce In The U.K.

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