How To Make a Compost Heap Divides So Many Gardeners. Some Say Make It in Pallet Bins, Others Buy Expensive Compost Makers And Add Accelerants. Here’s How Wartime Britain Made Compost.

The Basic Principles in this film still work. The film was made during wartime when resources were scare and modern plastics hadn’t been invented. But we can still learn a lot from it.

The one thing I always tell people is that composting is a natural gardening technique. It happens in nature all the time without any expensive equipment or additives. It happens without nature worrying about the carbon:nitrogen balance or the necessity to shred every bit off material into small pieces.

How do you make and use compost?

Compost making isn’t difficult

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  1. Snoop says:

    Brilliant. Thanks for posting.

    1. Stefan Drew says:

      My pleasure. Im glad you found it useful.

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