What People Should Grow On Their Allotments? Here’s An Idea I Don’t Normally Suggest. Wheat. In this Case, Bread Wheat To Make A Pizza.

Frequently I see people claim the meal they have just eaten was all home grown. They even say it about pizza. What they normally mean is the topping was home grown. But in this case, the allotment holder , Jacob Shooter, meant the pizza as well. This is the story of growing UK’s Smallest Wheat Field.

The crop has been expertly grown and, though the yield looked a little thin to me, it looked very healthy. Growing it was a meticulous job, researching all the varieties and growing techniques.

If it were me I’d have used fewer sprays but hey. I’ve only grown it on a field basis, never on such a small scale and I have to admire the work that went in to growing it so well. There’s more on Britain’s Smallest Wheat Field in the video below. Its fascinating and shows how inventive gardeners and allotment tenants are.

Jacob, whose allotment is in Sidcup, claims to be the UK’s smallest arable farmer following the harvest of his wheat crop using a hedge trimmer. Jacob was inspired to grow his own wheat so he could make pizza entirely from scratch, only using ingredients from his allotment.

He gleaned advice from YouTube. Took agronomy support from Frontier Agriculture and harvested about 100 square metres of Crusoe winter wheat from Limagra.

What will you grow next?

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