If We Are To Look At The History Of Greenhouses Nothing Is Probably More Important Than The Dutch Light. Here’s Why.

The Dutch light frame, also known as the Dutch light greenhouse or Dutch light system, is a historical innovation in greenhouse design that dates back to the 17th century. This system was developed in the Netherlands during the Dutch Golden Age, a period roughly spanning the 17th century, known for its economic prosperity, cultural advancements, scientific innovations and tulip mania. This style of greenhouse plays an important part in the development and history of the greenhouse. It was widely used in cold frames for biointensive growing as well as in full sized greenhouses.

Dutch Light

The Dutch light frame was a significant advancement in greenhouse technology, allowing for the cultivation of plants in a controlled environment. It typically featured large glass windows that allowed ample sunlight to enter, creating optimal conditions for plant growth. This innovation was particularly crucial in the cultivation of crops and flowers in regions with less favorable climates.

While the exact date of the invention may not be pinpointed, the Dutch light frame became prominent in the 17th century and played a vital role in the Dutch horticultural practices of that era. It marked a turning point in greenhouse design, influencing subsequent developments in greenhouse technology and contributing to the expansion of horticulture across different climates and regions.

Dutch lights eventually standardised as using a sheet of glass measuring 1422x730mm / 28.75x56inch. The thickness is 3mm. At that size the glass can actually bend quite a bit. The advent of float glass was a crucial part of making Dutch lights economical to manufacture.

For photos and a supplier of Dutch Light style greenhouses follow this link. http://www.peritys.co.uk. Most seem to be 12 ft wide whilst my commercial version was 18.5 ft wide and multi-bayed.

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