The Weather Has Been Cooler Than Is Seasonal, But, Growing Daylight Is Making Plants Grow Fast. Here’s My Last Few Days Of Growth.

The Bucks horn plantain has cropped all year but is now running to head. We should get plenty of seed from it! It’s a mainstay in my April Veg Garden.

On the herb front the basil is doing really well. Though a lover of warmth it is now in my unheated greenhouse and is doing really well.

Beetroot is also growing fast. I’ve several batches of multisided modules in containers under glass and outside. Those with protection are growing much faster as might be expected. They are already yielding leaves for salads. Those not being harvested will give a good early crop of roots.

The early spring sown mangetout are flowering and have small pods. We could start picking in a week or so.

Oriental leaves are growing faster than we can keep up with. Ditto coriander and a host of other leaf crops not shown here.

Perennial kale is still being harvested .. it’s been available all winter and we’ve taken cuttings for the food forest and for sale.

Planting of Purple sprouted broccoli, spring onion, beetroot, a dozen or more types of salad and oriental leaves have all been made this week and I need to clear the las top my leeks to make space in my limited number of beds.

My garden is very small these days .. gone ar the acres I had when market gardening. Now it’s just a few extremely small beds. That’s why I am becoming more and more biointensive in my plantings .. for example this week I’ve planted shallots between my PSB as otherwise there is dead space there until the PSB grows.

Check out my articles on biointensive veg if you want inspiration on packing in plenty of veg. There will be a more in-depth article on this topic in a few days.

And if you want to know what else to sow this month check out my April Sowing Suggestions

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