Horticulture Uses Biological Control & Agriculture Uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Are They The Same?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) And Biological Control Are Strategies For Managing Pests, But They Have Some Key Differences, Especially In Their Scope And Application. More and more gardeners are trying to garden without using synthetic chemical pest control. Not necesarrily going full organic but thinking more about using companion planting, biological pest control or whatever they can to reduce toxic chemicals, overuse of plastics and other methods to reduce their carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment.… More Leave a comment

Sorting Slugs the Natural Way: Using Slug Nematodes

Slugs Ruining Our Veg Crops Frustrates Many Gardeners. But There’s An Eco-Friendly Natural Way To Prevent Slug Damage; Slug Nematodes. I’m aware that many gardeners are against killing wildlife, especially with chemicals. I understand that. But if, like me, you are happy to encourage frogs, toads, hedgehogs and predatory beetles into your garden to control slugs, then nematodes are equally as natural.… More Leave a comment

Do Plant Based Vivavores Prevent Plant Viruses & Oomycetes?

According to University of Nebraska-Lincoln Researchers, Vivavores Consume Viruses In Water So Can They Also Kill Plant Viruses? This article investigates the potential of plant based vivavores being used to kill plant viruses.  It is written following the work of researcher John DeLong at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln who discovered a ciliate microbe called Halteria that appeared to be consuming viruses.… More Leave a comment