It’s October & My Water Butts & Storage Tanks Are Full Despite Limited Rain . I’ve Over 2500 litres Of Stored Water & Have Ordered More Tanks. Here Are My Full Water Butt Secrets

For years I’ve been harvesting rainwater and storing it in readiness for spring and summer use. I’ve previously written about how I’ve several large IBC tanks placed around the garden and have networked them together using recycled materials. And here is another of my Full Water Butt Secrets.

All my storage is fed by water diverters fitted on the downpipes from the roof of my house. But there’s more to it than that.

Full Water Butt Secrets

The Plenty of Water Secret

For a few years I’ve been taking water from a couple of downpipes and storing it. It’s taken all winter to fill the tanks. Worse still, once they are in use, and there’s little summer rain, the levels drop fast and I fear running out.

The solution is of course obvious. But it still took me a while to spot it.

Using only 1-2 diverters on downpipes means I only harvest a smallish percentage of what lands on my roof. If I collect water from more downpipes I get much more rain water. Simple.

So I’ve installed more diverters and they all feed my tanks. Now, even in a light shower, I can collect a lot of water quite quickly. Even in the summer.

The Secret Revealed

Child with watering can
Watering Can Be A Chore

That’s it. Harvest water from as many downpipes as you can. If you only use 25% of your downpipes you’ll only harvest around 25% of the rain falling on your roof. Harvest from every downpipe and the volume harvested is much higher. And that can make the difference between struggling to water and having enough.

Save Our Sewers With Rainwater Harvesting

The thing is we waste far too much precious rain. And often it goes in to Combined Sewers which leads to overwhelmed sewage farms and sewage being dumped in rivers and the sea. This stops quite a lot going into the sewers and causing flooding.

Saving water saves our gardens, the environment and biodiversity.

Are you doing your bit?

Water Harvesting Secret Number Two

Downpipe Water Diverters only divert a proportion of water coming off a roof. In a heavy downpour some water goes straight to the drains. The alternative is to divert all the roof runoff into your tanks and only allow them to overflow to drains when the tanks are full.

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