Who Knows Best How To Grow Perennial Vegetables? Could It Be Those That Do It For a Living? Listen To Mandy Barber of Incredible Vegetables, Riverford Founder Guy Singh-Watson and Tom Hartley From The Soil Association Explain About Perennial Vegetables.

Perennial vegetables have been gaining popularity among home gardeners and allotment enthusiasts for quite some time. Indeed we could argue that years ago many cottage gardeners grew crops such as Cottager’s Kale, aka Daubenton’s and Taunton Deane Kale; Alexanders, Rhubarb etc.

Despite the cultivation of above classic examples and crops such as artichokes and asparagus grown by commercial vegetable growers, the widespread adoption of perennial vegetables remains relatively limited, both with gardeners and commercial growers. I believe that should change and we are attempting to do so in our community food forest.

Chives, a perennial vegetable, about to flower
Chives are the quintessential garden perennial veg for all seasons, one of my 21 Herbs For U.K. Gardens.

In this discussion, Riverford founder Guy Singh-Watson shares his insights into the untapped potential of perennials. Expert perennial grower and founder of Incredible Vegetables, Mandy Barber, delves into the diverse array of options that perennial vegetables offer. I bought several perennial veg from Mandy this year and, despite the rain, enjoyed a visit to the farm. I need to return on a dry day, especially now she has erected two large new polytunnels in the last few days ! Additionally, Tom Hartley, Senior Certification Officer for the Soil Association, provides a comprehensive overview of micropropagation as a potential method to enhance production.

Join me as they explore the fascinating world of perennial vegetables and uncover the perspectives of these industry experts on their unique qualities and potential for broader cultivation.

The Growing Perennial Veg Video

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2 thoughts on “How To Grow Perennial Vegetables The Professional Way

  1. John Constable says:

    That’s excellent! The link to this was just posted on the Accessible Gardening group on Facebook. When you need to keep your workload down it makes sense to avoid annuals and concentrate on perennials. The more perennial veg we can find the better!

    1. Stefan Drew says:

      Thanks John. Gardening should be accessible to everyone. Perennials help that happen.

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