How They Grow Iceberg Lettuce In Australia! It’s similar to how I grew lettuce in the U.K. but I only grew half a million a year. This guy grows them on an industrial scale and it’s worth watching.

My UK cultivation methods were similar to How They Grow Iceberg In Australia. Like him I grew my lettuce on beds formed by the width of the tractor wheelings. In my case my wheels were set to give me space to grow 4 rows od lettuce in each bed. This grower only grows 4 rows per bed. That means he gets fewer lettuce per acre than I did, but the type and size of lettuce dictate the preferred spacing. In his case he is growing iceberg lettuce which are big heavy lettuce. I did grow a few tens of thousands of these outdoors each year but the UK market didn’t dictate such big lettuce as he is cutting.

My biggest lettuce each year was a Lobjoits Green Cos lettuce which is a more cylindrical shape so weight of weight needed less area to grow in.

We both harvested complete heads of lettuce and I was interested to see his lettuce cutting knife. His is curved whilst mine had a straight blade. It’s interesting to see how hand tools evolve to suit specific requirements for what looks like very similar jobs. Growing is often far more specific than an outsider would imagine.

His going set up is also slightly different to the one I used. I used a “Bean” tractor with hoe blades whilst he is using a conventional tractor with a revolving hoe blade. Soil type and personal preference is a factor here.

Like him I grew a mix of block/module raised plants and drilled seed. though as I became more intensive I moved to 100% module raised plants as it meant they were in the ground for a shorter time and I could grow more plants per year in a given area.

Outdoor grown lettuce are quick growing in the UK and several crops a year are possible from a given area. My season was further extended by the use of polytunnels, fleece covered outdoor crops and greenhouses meaning ‘I could produce lettuce on any day of the year I choose to do so. Many were grown without heat including many of the winter grown greenhouse lettuce for spring harvest.

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