Growing Overwintered Vegetables For A Spring Harvest Is An Established Way To Extend The Gardening Season. In The UK, There Are Several Winter Vegetables That Can Be Sown In Late Summer Or Early Autumn For A Spring Harvest.

Here’s a list of winter vegetables that can be grown for a spring harvest:


Plant cloves in autumn, and they’ll establish roots before winter, producing bulbs in early summer.

Onions and Shallots

Similar to garlic, onions and shallots can be planted in autumn for a spring harvest. The onions developed in Japan, aka Japanese Onions, are an obvious onion variety. E.g. Senshyu

Onions ready for harvest

Broad Beans

Sow hardy varieties in autumn, and they’ll grow through winter to produce a spring crop.


Several pea varieties can survive the winter when planted in autumn for an early spring harvest.

Winter Lettuce Varieties

Specific hardy lettuces, like Winter Gem or Arctic King, can be sown in late summer or early autumn and harvested in spring.


Kale is a very hardy crop that can be sown in early summer for a winter or spring harvest, depending on sowing date. I used to grow “1000 head kale’ as a cattle forage crop. Sown in May or June it would be grazed in late autumn or winter. Later sowings would be grazed in spring, before the new grass growth.


Certain spinach varieties, especially the hardier types, can be sown in late summer or early autumn for a spring crop.

Spring Cabbage

Sow seeds in late summer to early autumn for maturing in spring. These are specifically bred for a spring harvest.

Other Brassicas

There are several other brassicas that can be overwinters for spring harvest.

Overwintering Carrots

Varieties such as ‘Autumn King’ or ‘Sytan’ can be sown in late summer for harvesting in spring.

Perpetual Spinach (Leaf Beet)

As a hardy alternative to true spinach, this can provide continuous leafy growth through winter into spring.

Spring onions

Spring Onions

I overwinter White Lisbon for spring lifting. Left a bit longer and they form good sized bulb onions.

Perennial Crops

It is easy to focus on just the crops we sow to overwinter that winter. There are also all the perennial fruit and veg crops that come year after year for a reliable spring or summer harvest.

Examples include rhubarb, asparagus, raspberries, strawberries, perennial kale, perennial Nine Star Broccoli, and many more.

When sowing or planting for an overwintered harvest, it’s essential to choose varieties that are specifically bred or known for their cold-hardiness. Additionally, protect your crops from harsh weather using row covers, cloches, or fleece to ensure they survive the winter and provide a bountiful harvest in the spring. Timing, soil preparation, and good cultivation practices are crucial for success when growing vegetables for an overwintered spring harvest.

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