Global Food Production Has Been Mapped via The Visual Capitalist Site . Clicking Onto The Link Will Take Through To Their Site Where You Can See The Facts Visually Displayed on Maps.

See where Global Food Production of staple and non staple foods are produced, the volumes produced, the Kg per person produced … from almonds to yams .. and much more

Global Food Production Map
Global Food Production Map

For example, did you know that potato production in the UK has dropped from 127 kg per person to 76kg per person in the last 20 years.

On the other hand global rice production has doubled since 1960. Whereas beef production has remained static, meaning the consumption per person has dropped. In the same time period lentil consumption has risen roughly seven fold.

Despite the concern over bees, the amount of honey produced has more than doubled in the same time period.

Mapped: Food Production Around the World

More On Staple Food Crops

There are various staple crop posts on this website, plus here’s a link to Wikipedia

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