Despite Frosts, Cold Winds and Rain Many Winter Salads Are Thriving In Our December Garden And Being Harvested For The Kitchen. Can you Name Them? Better Still Can You Grow Them?

Try naming these Winter Salads from the pictures. Then check out the answers at the end of the post.

Answers Below

Cos Lettuce

This one is Cos Lettuce. I love Cos when they get large in the spring and early summer. But now they produce a crop of rather thin but tasty leaves. They ar however prone to botrytis in the December damp so not everyone has success with them .. some of my plants die almost overnight!


This one is chickpeas. Germinated and grown outdoors despite the recent frosts. I’ve had one small harvest os pea shoots from it and it is still growing.


This is mizuna. Normally it is green, but the cold seems to have made it distinctly red. It’s growing in q sheltered spot outdoors as is over a foot high.

I think this is a mustard but can’t recall its name … sorry.

buckthorn plantain

This one is buckshorn plantain


This is Alexanders. Its not in my garden but in the hedge nearby

Red amaranth

Callaloo aka amaranth is colourful and popular in some cultures. This one is looking a bit ragged but is still edible.

Baby Kale

Now we have baby kale

American land cress

And American Land Cress.

Mizuna is an unusual vegetable
Mizuna is an unusual vegetable

This is mizuna growing in a greenhouse. Pure green, not a trace of red.


And finally coriander. It is thriving under a fleece tunnel despite the cold.

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