A Fitbit For Plants Is How This New Device Is Described. It Sends A Message to a Smart Phone If The Plant Is Going to Get Drought Stressed.

Fitbit for plants
Fitbit for plants can measure plant drought stress

Humans can get a drink of water when they need one. But plants can’t. And they can’t tell us when they need watering. Of course experienced growers know the signs to look for long before there’s a problem, but not all gardeners have the experience to do this. For them a seriously drooping plant is the first sign that all is not well.

Researchers are advancing hortitechnology (hortitech) all the time, and gardeners can also benefit from the research.

I can see this being a technology, once fully developed, used by professional growers and farmers on a large scale. It makes perfect sense. It would have helped me when I grew commercial crops. But I’m not sure it will be as much use for gardeners. Certainly the price will be high initially but will undoubtedly soon drop. My real concern is that a simple reading is unlikely to be enough own its own. It will need to be taken in context as all crops vary, as do crop conditions.

Time will tell. But I see many techie gardening devices today that look great but provide poor quality results and don’t really help gardeners much.


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