Just How Big Can A Greenhouse Be? See Europe’s Biggest Greenhouse & Learn Why It’s Successful. Technically There Is No Maximum Size As We Explain In This Article.

Is bigger better? Or are there other factors at play in this huge greenhouse where bicycles play a major role in efficiency. I’ve visited large greenhouses across many European countries but have never owned one. My own enterprise was somewhat more modest and our automation, though present, was on a smaller scale.

The unique factors contributing to the success of Europe’s largest greenhouse

Europe’s largest greenhouse is 1.4 km long. And it’s run by technology and humans working together. Neither could do it alone. The business is called M’s Flowers and they combines manual work with automation technology, because they believe it offers a healthier and more practical way for its 400 employees to grow crops and move around efficiently.

Working Animals?

But other creatures are also involved. The company utilises bumblebees and ladybirds to assist in pollination and pest control, reducing the need for chemical insecticides. I’m not a great believer in the need for bumble bees to pollinate tomatoes but they are useful in other glasshouse crops.


Automation plays a crucial role in this greenhouse and takes away the tedious jobs humans used to do. Now they have robots planting 15,000 cuttings per hour and innovative trays making the plant transport far more efficient.

Location, Location, Location

The greenhouse is strategically located near major roads that span Europe and this allows for quick access across Europe, enabling easy distribution of products at lower costs. This is a form of factory farming that has to be admired for its efficiency.

Family Business

The real plus in this business for me is that it practices a strong family business model, with the founder’s grandchildren now at the helm. They focus focuses on long-term sustainability and gradual returns rather than the immediate profits that shareholders demand.

Europe’s Largest Greenhouse: The Video

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