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Facebook Sends Each Group Member Around 10% of my Facebook Posts. So You’ve Probably Missed My Best Posts.

I don’t want you to miss out so I’ve devised a way to ensure you see them all.

Join The Bite Sized Gardening Mailing List, Now
I’m Offering Groups Members The Chance To Join The Bite Sized Gardening Updates List.

  It’s optional but means you get monthly updates by email of all the tips and hints you might otherwise miss.

By using this as a backup system you no longer have to rely on Facebook for keeping in touch. I plan to post no more than once a month ….but you’ll have my contact details and be able to contact me anytime.

You Can Also Unsubscribe At Anytime  … So Why Not Try It?

You only need to add your email, all other fields are optional (though knowing your name makes for a friendlier email).


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