Plant Modules & Plugs: Advantages & Disadvantages

Choosing a Plant Module System Offers Many Advantages When You Are Sowing & Growing Garden Plants. Sometimes Referred to As Plug Plants or Plant Module Grown Plants, They Save Gardeners Time, Space, Compost & Money. Plant module systems are plant trays where you can grow plants in individual cells; they’re usually made of plastic, polystyrene or recycled plastic and come in various sizes and quality.… More Leave a comment

40 Unusual Vegetables To Grow In A UK Garden

What Is An Exotic or Unusual Vegetable to Grow & How Do I Get Unusual Vegetables To Grow In A UK Garden (Or Anywhere Else)? And Where Can I Buy Unusual Vegetable Seeds? These Questions Are Answered Here.     When I started my career as a market gardener growing salads and vegetables, many crops such as peppers, chillis, coriander weren’t frequently grown by gardeners in the UK.… More 7 responses