Though most of the posts on this website are about UK gardening I know we can also learn a lot from gardeners in other countries. This one is about Kenyan Permaculture.

I’ve Partnered With A Permaculture Specialist In Kenya. Paul Is Training Villagers in Ten Villages & The Photos Speak For Themselves. We Can All Learn From Paul.

In return I’m initially helping Paul with Seed Saving techniques and introducing him to some UK organisations.

Read Paul’s Introduction & Learn About Kenyan Permaculture

I am Paul Odiwuor Ogola a qualified permaculture teacher and designer, I trained with Steve Jones from Wales UK of,uk, travelling to Uganda for the first time to complete a full two-week PDC in 2016. After the training I was deeply inspired and grateful for the immensely valuable contribution of the Permaculture Design Core Curriculum. For me the experience helped me bring forward wisdom and teaching from the past, flavoured with present brilliance and developments, I felt I can help create many possibilities for the next evolution of Permaculture. After the training I just didn’t know how to share what I learned with my community, I literally sat in my home for a few days wondering what I can do until I realised, I had to start my own training centre.

The result is for me to have a mission, that of teaching and facilitating Permaculture knowledge & technology to my community. Three years on and already so many people benefit from this very practical and beautifully crafted text that skilfully weaves them together. I am proud to say I am the founder of community permaculture project called Permoafrica-Centre

We are approved Register Community Base Organization {CBO} permaculture farming group with the Government of Kenya, situated in the south Western part of Kawiya village located in the Northern part of Korayo Sub Location, Kochia Central Location, Rangwe District in Homa-Bay county.

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for many people in our villages and communities and to work towards an environment without poverty. Our work is to introduce permaculture practices and policies that will support the creation of prosperous sustainable organic farmers through re-connecting our surrounding community with 3 permaculture ethic’s, (People Care, Earth Care and Fare Share). We want to create a mind that sees the world as an interconnected set of dynamic patterns and systems, we achieved this by forming small community farming groups aim to ensure that new farming development serves the needs of local community farmers who are always facing climatic changes and low investment.

Through this permaculture project we inform and empower individuals and communities through training, using the knowledge on how Permaculture and related agroecological practices backed by the science of Nature’s Design can put the power of the people back into the hands of the many. Projects that rebuild our shared home beyond its former glory, results in a way forward for a whole community and their involvement in regular activities.

Leaving the chemicals behind
Bad farming practices over many decades means many of Kenya soils are badly degraded, people can no longer afford the farming inputs are very receptive to new ideas of natural farming at this time. Training focusses on new farming technology and practices to providing not only nutrient-rich and chemical free sustainable food supplies but also that encourages healthy prosperous disease-free life on earth and clean land, water and air, as well as alternative energy. For us permaculture is an economic system for all life and we believe in a community network of self-reliant, local regenerative enterprises dedicated to fair labour and exchange. An approach that brings great value to their local community is the only sustainable social, economic, and ecological solution that will result in the avoidance of the collapse of our way of life and the pending extinction of life on earth.

Our organization is always sharing the knowledge with our community on important issues, we are looking at short- and long-term strategies on farming yield production so that we have stable supply all year. A strong local food production to meet the demands of our people in the communities thus create good investment and business that result to stable economic status of our people in the communities by taking action. There is a common feeling of building resilient future- a future full of strong communities taking powerful action, using a new generation of design thinking to create flourishing & sustainable systems creating environmental benefits and mitigating environmental impacts.

Through this project we are Involving communities in the management of their natural landscape and resources and this remains as an important goal to them, we build understanding by observing every element and its function in a natural system. Permaculture enables powerful, sustainable new solutions for living with and within a renewed landscape. The fundamental approach of systems-level observation, analysis, and participation creates smarter, more sustainable ways of working with natural systems to renew landscapes and the communities they support through socio-economic benefits, while at the same time improving the protection of ecosystems in priority areas.

That’s the introduction too Kenyan Permaculture and my colleague Paul. There will be more updates very soon.

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