Soil Erosion Control & Hillside Garden Terracing For Trees, Food Forests & Crops Are All Included In the Short, Informative & Amusing Video.

Hillside soil erosion on UK arable field.

The following video is a masterpiece and quickly demonstrates a host of techniques. It starts by introducing the A frame, then shows how an A frame can be used to mark contours. Next comes the construction of contour drains, mini terraces and eye brow terraces. The last section is on stone check dams. Each is a masterclass in simple soil erosion control techniques that can be used in the UK and many other countries.

The Caribbean Soil Erosion Techniques Video Masterclass

These aren’t the only soil erosion control techniques we should know about, there are many others, such as rain gardens, mulching etc. but these are fundamental techniques that should be understood before embarking on gardening on a slope or where high rainfall is expected.

Filmed in Trinidad and Tobago by CANARI the video delighted me in how quickly it covered so many topics to a depth whereby I could grasp the basics.

Canari’s mission is promoting and facilitating equitable participation and effective collaboration in the management of natural resources critical to development in the Caribbean islands, so that people will have a better quality of life and natural resources will be conserved, through action learning and research, capacity building, communication and fostering partnerships. I think the mission it has set itself has been realised in this video.

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