The Wartime Dig For Victory Campaign Saw Every Scrap of Land Being Turned Over To Food Production. Gardening Was A Way To Win The War.  And Government Sponsored Films, Teaching Gardening Skills, Were Shown in Cinemas And Village Halls .

This film repeats content from a previous one in the first few minutes but then goes into new material and is a revelation.

1940s Wartime Gardening Video

Sowing seeds during 1940s
Sowing seeds during 1940s

2 thoughts on “1940s Wartime Gardening Video

  1. Tony says:

    Wow – can’t believe how much was accomplished in such a short time – what great teamwork – very informative – Thx for posting

    1. Stefan says:

      My pleasure.

      An amazing film that I couldn’t keep to myself.

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