Winter Work in the Garden Looks At the Various Gardening Tasks People In World War Two Were Recommended To Undertake.

Winter Work in the Garden
Winter Work in the Garden

It’s a timely film to view at this time of year as there is much we could be doing.  Today, I see many fair weather gardeners that sheet their gardens down for winter. But nature doesn’t stop in winter, she merely slows down. Winter Work in the Garden however needs too continue.

There is so much we can grow both outdoors and under unheated glass and polytunnels in winter. Wartime Britain understood this and fed itself during the long hard winters of war. We can learn from their work and mindset.

This film is part of a whole series that include the wonderful 1943 Timelapse onion growing film I’ve previously featured. Alongside these films was gardener, Mr Middleton, who dispensed so much gardening wisdom to a generation of new and not to new gardeners.

And I implore you to consider growing crops in winter as much as in summer.

More Winter Work in the Garden information will follow in future articles. You can also discover my sowing advice for the winter months by using the search bar and search for specific months.

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